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2022-23 School Calendar Information and School Times

Posted Date: 03/16/2022

2022-23 School Calendar Information and School Times

Press Release 3/16/2022 – Office of the Superintendent

The Mount Ida School District has adopted an alternate 5-day a week calendar.  This calendar allows the district to count total hours of instruction instead of days.  When total hours of instruction are met, this calendar allows the district to cut down on total days and allow for an earlier school end date.  It also allows to keep the one day a month off that the Mount Ida District has traditionally had built in to the calendar.  The alternate calendar also has 5 days built in for closure under illness or inclement weather.  There are no AMI days allowed for this calendar, which means students will not be required to do work at home during school closures and all instruction will be face to face with a teacher.  The district believes that this is the best option due to the amount of learning loss that students have endured over the past 3 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some key dates:

School Start Date – August 22nd

School End Date - May 15th

High School Student Hours - 7:55- 3:22

Elementary School Hours - 7:55- 3:10