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Mask Update for Covid-19

Posted Date: 03/30/2021

Mask Update for Covid-19

Covid-19 Mask and CDC Guidelines Update - 3/30/2021

Governor Asa Hutchinson has removed the Covid-19 mask mandate for the state of Arkansas.  However, school districts have been directed to make a decision on whether or not to mandate masks in the schools.  This decision is required to be made by the Board of Education for each district.  Therefore, the Mount Ida School District will make a decision at the next regular scheduled meeting on when the mask mandate will end for the school district.  This meeting will be held on April 12th to determine the end date.

Also, school districts are still under CDC quarantine guidelines until the end of the school year.  Therefore, the district will still maintain assigned seating in classrooms as well as during the lunch periods.  This helps with contact tracing and limits quarantining for our students and staff.

Again, students and staff are still required to wear masks to school at this point until a decision is made. 

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Michael White 
Superintendent/Athletic Director

Mount Ida School District