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Gifted & Talented

Welcome to the Mt. Ida High School

Gifted and Talented Program 



The Mt. Ida Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program is designed to meet the needs of students who demonstrate a talent for upper level thinking skills, creativity, and problem solving.  The objective of the program is to provide in-depth thinking, personal challenges, and concepts at higher levels of abstraction or complexity.  The curriculum is meant to be interesting as well as provide creative experiences with challenging projects and quality production. The program services students beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through 12th grade.


What Makes Giftedness?

Gifted and Talented students are those of high potential or ability whose learning characteristics and educational needs require qualitative differentiated educational experiences and/or services.  Possessions of these gifts or the potential for their development will be evidenced through an interaction of above average intellectual ability, task commitment, and/or motivation, and creative ability. 


Program Philosophy

The Mt. Ida School District has a commitment to help each child meet their potential.  The GT program is designed to assist each gifted and talented student to gain realistic and healthy self-concepts of their strengths, weaknesses, potential; and responsibilities to themselves, the school, the community, and society.


Characteristics of GT Students

Solves and learns new information quickly

Excels in one or more subjects

Asks relevant questions

Produces imaginative/original art

Tends to dominate others

Prefers the company of intellectual peers

Initiates projects and extensions of assignments

Generates complex, abstract ideas

Enjoys creating


Entrance into the GT Program

Referrals are taken throughout the year from students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members.

Referred students are evaluated with the instruments of:  Mental Abilities Test (IQ), Achievement Test, Student GPA, Creativity Test, and HOPE Teacher Rating Scale.  Parental permission is granted before any testing can be administered.  Once all testing is complete, an identification selection committee meets and makes a decision based on the data collected.  Then permission is granted from parents for placed students to be serviced in the program.  Letters of notification are sent to all parents regardless of the placement decision. There is an appeals process which parents/guardians may use should they disagree with the identification selection committee’s decision.  There is also an exit policy in the event that the program does not continue to meet the student’s needs.


High School Program Options

-7th-9th grade identified GT students are serviced through a pull-out of 20 minutes twice per week with the GT teacher along with instruction from their regular classroom teacher who has special training to deliver Pre-AP content.  These students are encouraged to compete in various Quiz Bowls and Chess tournaments.

-10th-12th grade identified GT students are serviced through a weekly meeting of 20 minutes (planned around school club meetings) with the GT teacher along with instruction from their regular classroom teacher who has special training to deliver Pre-AP content and AP content.  These students also have the option of taking college classes to receive dual concurrent credit. These students are encouraged to compete in various Quiz Bowls and Chess tournaments



GT students are expected:

-to master the same concepts that the regular classroom students master

-to maintain above average grades

-to complete quality projects in the GT classroom and in their Pre-AP or AP classes

-to participate in projects and activities offered by the GT program.



-Duke Tip:  7th grade (chosen based on standardized test scores) (allows for 7th graders based on scores to take ACT)

-HOBY-10thgrade entering 11th grade  (Leadership seminar)

-Girls and Boys State-10th grade entering 11th grade (allows for students to become educated about our system of government and our leaders)

-Arkansas Governors’ School- 11th  grade entering 12th  grade (6 week summer residential program for GT students)

-Quiz Bowl Camp- 7th-12th (held at two of our state’s colleges)